5 Ekim 2019 Cumartesi

Would you like to join EOF choir?

We are waiting for you...

Ertuğrul Oğuz Fırat Choir's 2019-2020 projects include an educational concert, a project abroad and at least two workshops. We are looking forward to meeting our new choir members!

Who can sing in the EOF Choir?

Every music lover can sing in the EOF Choir. To be more specific; people,
  • Having a healthy voice with basic musical education and experience in choral music,
  • Regularly attending the rehearsals of the choir between 7 PM - 10 PM on Thursdays and conditional extra rehearsals before the concert,
  • Being able to take part in the choir's tours (weekend and summer), which are held two or three times a year
are welcome to sing with us.

How to join?

Fill in the application form below and we will call you shortly and set up a meeting.

In this first meeting besides getting to know each other, we would like to listen to a few warm-up exercises that will allow us to recognize your voice color and also a piece you will prepare beforehand.

We will notify you as soon as possible during our application process, which will continue until October 15th 2019.